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BTI renewable energy systems can be incorporated into the design of new buildings or into refurbishment programmes; or simply retrofitted onto an existing building. BTI Consult is experienced in working with architects and developers to incorporate sustainable energy features into building projects. Our staff are equally experienced in working on retro-fit projects, integrating renewable energy systems with existing building services and ensuring minimum disruption for tenants or building users.

Feasibility studies

Although BTI engineers renewable energy systems, it is not in our interests or most importantly our clients to install systems that are not suitable for their situation. Our project managers and engineers provide clear advice as to the suitability of your site throughout the design process; If a site is not suitable we will inform you and suggest other suitable low carbon technologies that you can consider.
For substantial projects it is always recommended to carry out a feasibility study to formally assess the viability of a site. BTI can offer studies appropriate to the scale of the project, ranging from one-day site visits to in-depth investigations.
As part of our service we will also give you an indication of the amount of electricity the system is likely to generate and an estimate of the CO2 emissions mitigated from energy generated.

System design

Our system designers are able to size an efficient, cost effective and suitable system to suit your needs. BTI has the design experience.
Since BTI is not tied to any manufacturer, our designs will always be for the best fit to your specifications. All this means that whether your project involves upgrading a housing estate or supplying a large commercial build, our system design will be the most efficient, cost-effective and practical solution possible.


BTI maintains a network of specialized installation teams around. Every team adheres to high quality standards, and follow strict working methods to ensure a smooth installation process. All of our installer teams are certified.
All BTI work carries a warranty in addition to any manufacturer's component warranties.


Once designed and installed, every system needs to be commissioned and certified as fully functional prior to use. All of BTI's works include commissioning of the systems, and documentation is kept in the

5. Quick Wins from BTI Consult

1. Why use tap water to water flowers and gardens, harvested natural rainwater is readily available?

2. Why still use shower heads that waste water while up to 60% savings showerheads are readily available in the market for almost the same price and quality?

3. Do you know with appropriate ventilation and built environment control, room bacterial development and sickness is over 80% prevented?

4. Why still use electricity power for hot water while over 2350 hours sunshine is cheaply and readily available in Ghana?

5. Do you know an appropriate landscaping, building procedure, topographical and architectural innovation, coupled with environmental conditions; you can save on energy, waste, maintenance and achieve cost efficient, sustainable and healthier environment?

BTI Consult offers technical architecture and innovative support in Design and Installation of renewable energy solutions.

Next to convectional building climate control technologies, infrastructure and sustainable environments, BTI is your technical architect of renewable energy systems and services.